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HDMI Extender

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We have released two new hdmi extenders designed to transmit 200/400ft away from your HDMI video source with Cat5e/Cat6 cable connected. These units:

Support Video Color: 36bit(CAT7); 24bit(CAT6); Support: DTS-HD/Dolby-trueHD/LPCM7.1/DTS/Dolby-AC3/DSD;

Support up to 200/400ft between the TX and RX unit; For better picture quality and longer distance transfer, we recommend to use Cat 6 or Cat 7 cable

HDMI Lossless transmission: Extends HDMI AV signal to synchronous output Video display is as fluent as direct connection.

Support HDMI1.3v & 1.2 signal (10.2Gbps/deep color 36bit/xv-YCC/1080p24fs/dts-HD) for 200ft transmit via CAT5E/6 LAN cable.

HDCP 1.2; 1080P/1080i/720P/576P/576i/480P/480i; Support 3D video

HDMI Extender Facts

What is HDMI Extender?

HDMI Extender enables users to transmit high-definition video and audio from HD source to HDMI displays over Cat5e/6/7 cables. You can also use standard HDMI cables for extensions up to 50 ft. HDMI over Cat5 extenders with HDBaseT support 3D, 4Kx2K, audio and Infra Red over a single low cost Cat 5e or 6 cable up to 200/400ft.

HDMI Extension cable Advantages and Limitations

HDMI cables transmit digital video, audio and advanced data over a single cable. HDMI cables transmits video and audio in pure digital form. In spite of these advantages HDMI cables come up short in certain situations. There can be signal degradation and significant cost issues for runs over 50ft. That is where a HDMI over Cat 5e or 6 with HDBaseT extender should be used.

What is HDMI Extender over Cat 5e or 6 Cable

HDMI Extender over Cat 5e or 6 cable includes a transmitter and receiver. The transmitter unit connects to the HD video source and the receiver connects to the HDMI display. The signal transmission is done over the Cat 5e or 6 cable. Some extenders come with a local HDMI port on the transmitter unit to connect a local HDMI Monitor.

Why do I need a HDMI Extender over Cat 5e or 6 cable

HDMI over Cat 5e or 6 extenders are ideal for long range HDMI signal transmission (Especially over 50ft). Like many other video, data and audio cables there are known signal degradation issues with HDMI cables for extensions over 50ft. Also, it becomes extremely expensive and difficult to run long and bulky HDMI cables through conduits. HDMI Extender over Cat 5e or 6cable with HDBaseT supports full HD video resolution and no signal degradation.

Advantages of using a powered HDMI Extender over Cat 5e or 6cable

There is a wide range of HDMI extension products and solutions. The most reliable are units that support high-bandwidth and are powered on both sides (Transmitter and Receiver). Powered HDMI extenders help to ensure the signal strength at distances up to 200/400ft.