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Best User Experience

We, A/V Integration Inc, guarantee to provide the highest customer satisfaction among competitors. From A/V Integration, you will have the confidence buying a quality product and you will be provided our world class customer service available to you. Our customer service specialists are available to you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week by e-mail. We will make sure that you receive the product safely and accurately.

Verified Quality

We, A/V Integration Inc, are committed to providing the finest selection of Audio & Video Electronics, Office, and Home products from the leading manufacturers around world with confidence. It is imperative that seller verify that the products manufactured, shipped and distributed under A/V Integration brand name meet industry, government regulations and requirements. We conduct on-site inspections to:

  • • Ensure product safety prior to shipping
  • • Minimize the amount of defective merchandise
  • • Reduce customer complaints due to inferior products
  • • Detect merchandise containing non-standard or non-compliant components
  • • Eliminate late shipments

Come with Warranty

A/V Integration Inc. warrants all AVI or A/V Integration brand products to be free of defects in material and manufacture under normal use for a period of 12 months with 30 days money back guarantee. We are committed to provide our customers a worry-free shopping experience.

Product feature

A/V Integration Inc. brings you the latest product and component news from market leading suppliers. We design and develop superior electronic systems for both the professional media and home entertainment industries. We have partnered with the leading manufacturers around world to bring you the best available media devices and audio video systems that ensure a high-quality audio/visual experience along with fast, reliable technology. Please view our entire products and systems below.

Flexible and easy to use interface

A/V Integration Inc. is committed to provider our client the most convenience technology. Users can easily customize our products to adapt to their business needs and individual preferences. Our unique design ensures our products can be easily install and easy to remove.

Professional Packing

A/V Integration Inc. provide our most professional packing to ensure our customer receive products free of damage.

Metal Case Protecting

All our AVI or A/V Integration Brand products have designed with metal case which can ensure the products have best thermal diffusivity and reduce the interference to HDMI signal.

Technical Verifications