People often get nostalgic for how entertainment systems used to be: less complex. There used to be only a couple of ports for a couple of devices, often using the cable cord or standard AV ports to change between devices. Things like HDMI matrix switchers weren’t even part of the equation. But people also forget that we are living in the best time to enjoy home entertainment, with numerous devices that can all provide immersive, interactive, and delightful content that can do anything from 3D projection to ultra-crisp 4k visuals. One such device that is making this period for entertainment so incredible is the HDMI matrix switcher 8x8, a new way to think about your entertainment system.

The HDMI matrix switcher 8x8 is a type of HDMI matrix switcher that can help you create a clean, smooth, and crisp entertainment experience that seamlessly switches between all of your various devices, including Blu-Ray players, video game consoles, and more. It’s the perfect device for places that have multiple televisions, where you need the right signal to go to the right place without sacrificing quality in visuals or audio—and you will not experience lag of any kind.

What makes the HDMI matrix switcher 8x8 so unique is the sheer amount of work it can do without sacrificing quality. Unlike other HDMI matrix switchers, which can often only beam four or five signals, most of which need to be the same, this device can beam up to eight different signals to eight different screens. That means you can enjoy multiple games on multiple screens without needing to worry about a drop in quality. So for the sports bar owner, your customers can all watch the games they demand in the best quality possible. For the hardcore gamers, you can host gaming parties that let everyone enjoy the action. Even home entertainment people are enjoying the system that lets them control the content going to different screens from one central box.

The visual quality of the HDMI matrix switcher 8x8 can support 4k, 3D TV, and it can run at up to 60 frames per second, but its audio support makes it truly unique. Supporting IR SPDIF audio, it delivers sound that is as crisp and clear as the picture. This is the perfect HDMI matrix switcher for louder settings where the sound needs to compete with other things that are going on, or for more intimate settings where every morsel of audio counts.

Entertainment systems are only getting more complicated. With the numerous kinds of devices and the numerous ways in which they can connect to your audiovisual machines, it is important that you get the best quality available while staying simple. That is why the HDMI Matrix Switcher 8x8, a new kind of HDMI matrix switcher, is revolutionizing the entertainment game. With an innovative new way to look at HDMI switching, and more ports that never sacrifice quality, this is the exact HDMI matrix switcher that will change how you enjoy your entertainment system.