An HDMI switch is a handy piece of equipment that allows you to select a video source for your television via an HDMI interface. If you have an up-scaling DVD/Blu-ray/Ultra HD Blu-ray player, cable/satellite box, media streamer, and game console but your TV only has one HDMI input, you don't have to worry because you can get a multiple-port HDMI switch. If you want to boost your surround sound experience you can grab an HDMI Switch Audio Extractor.

However, before your go to the electronics store and by one, you should read our recommendation on things to remember before buying an HDMI switch and HDMI Switch Audio Extractor.

Make Sure You Know How to use the HDMI Switch and HDMI Switch Extractor

The last thing you want to do is buy these only to discover they're not going to work for you. Not only will this ruin your plans, but you'll also find it frustrating—and you could spend a lot of time trying different things that won't work. By reading these things to remember before buying an HDMI switch and an HDMI Switch Audio Extractor, you'll have your system up and running properly in no time.

How an HDMI Switch and HDMI Switch Extractor Works

If you're shopping for multiple TVs you can find HDMI switches and HDMI Switch Audio Extractors with two or more outputs. This type of switch can be operated by remote control, manually, or automatically by priority. When an HDMI source is turned on with a higher priority, those signals are directed to your television. Something else to carefully consider is your complete needs before buying one. Figure out where you want to distribute high definition, how many devices to you want connected, etc.

An HDMI switch audio extractor allows you to extract audio signals from your HDMI source. It then converts HDMI audio to stereo RCA analog or audio digital.

Benefits of Using an HDMI Switch Audio Extractor:

• They come with different features. Features that allow ARC support and automatic switching are awesome, but with some, you have to reset the box so you can restore your audio every so often.

• They offer more ports and less clutter, and with a remote control, they provide you with the flexibility to manually switch between different sources.

• When you split the audio from an HDMI signal and convert it so you can use it with older technology, you can update your media devices and not have to worry about purchasing new compatible speaker systems.

Where to buy an HDMI Switch Audio Extractor

You can pick up an HDMI switch and an HDMI switch audio extractor at various tech stores; you can also buy them online. However, you don't want to go that route if you're not entirely sure what you're looking for.

If you're shopping for an HDMI switch and aren't sure what to get, we hope our list of things to remember before buying an HDMI switch has helped you. At AVI Shop, we're experts when it comes to AVI distribution equipment. If you're looking to maintain surround sound when converting to digital optical audio, we have what you need: an HDMI switch audio extractor with HDMI video output so you can connect the audio to external speakers or a surround sound system. To find out more, you can visit our website.