We all have that moment: the one where we look at the cords coming to and from the television, computer, and sound system and wonder how all those cords are working, and how they are all plugged into the wall. The look itself can be an eyesore, but the cords can become so tangled and messy that removing even one of them could result in your whole system getting unplugged or rearranged. And those many cords can come in almost any form, from 4k HDMI cables to old Cat5 cable cords. This is why many people are turning to the HDMI extender over Cat5 cords and relying on 5-port HDMI switches to reduce the clutter in their home and make everything look just a little nicer.

So why are people turning to the HDMI extender over Cat5, Cat5e, or Cat6 cable extensions, and what do all of those cables do? Let’s break it all down.

First, Cat5/Cat5e/Cat6 cables are all traditional cables that people use for anything from connecting to the internet to running some of their entertainment devices. These cables, however, are not exactly efficient. They can often run very long and cannot be split very easily, which is why people often use an HDMI extender over Cat5 cables and combine it with a 5 port HDMI switch.

The HDMI extender over Cat5 is perfect for converting the signals carried by Cat5 cables into the easy-to-manage HDMI signals. The device actually re-digitizes the information, in a way, letting you move that information seamlessly from cables to HDMI. Some of the HDMI extenders that convert Cat5 cables also let you plug in multiple cables, and those cables can include Cat5, Cat53, and Cat6 cables, meaning you can put many of your cables into one single device and leave the clutter somewhere out of sight, and out of mind.

Oftentimes, people who use an HDMI extender over Cat5 converters also use 5-port HDMI switches to cut the clutter even further. HDMI switches let you plug multiple HDMI plugs into a single port so that you can connect more devices to your television and keep your cables more organized. Some of the best 5-port HDMI switches even detect when you activate a device, so you don’t even need to manually select which cable to use.

When it comes to home clutter, our many electronic devices are often to blame. Being more connected in the modern age has led to more cables and more home clutter than ever before, but with the right devices, you can cut the number of cables and cut the clutter, leaving your home feeling more open and leaving you having to worry less when cords are getting moved around. If you are in need of clutter-cutting devices, like a 5-port HDMI switch or an HDMI extender over Cat5 converter, then look no further than AVIShop.com. With the latest devices and affordable prices, we can help you declutter for less.