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HDMI cable (3m/10ft)

HDMI cable (3m/10ft)

Product Review (submitted on May 30, 2018):
This cable performs exactly as it says it will. I only wish I would've purchased one slightly shorter but 10ft is great if I ever need to move things around a bit. I have this attached to Samsung 55" Ultra HD, to Accell active adapter Display port 1.4 to hdmi 2.0 adapter and I can achieve 60fps@ native resolution 3840X2160 and even max resolution 4096X2160 with 4:4:4 chroma subsampling set. This let's my UHD 4ktv serve as a large pc monitor for gaming without losing fps or being capped at 60 or even 30fps on bigger resolutions. I'm currently gaming at 1440p on most games with vsync on and rate is 58-60fps with no drops below 58fps. For some games that don't absolutely need vsync to keep from tearing, I can run 3840X2160 with vsync off and get up to 120fps or same settings with 1080p and get 180+fps. I hope this helps and as always, make sure your pc and video drivers, TV firmware is up to date.