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HDMI cable (3m/10ft)

HDMI cable (3m/10ft)

Product Review (submitted on May 30, 2018):
I own 3 of these cables, two 10ft cables to connect my Xbox and 4K Apple TV to my Marantz SR5012 receiver, and a 50-foot cable to connect my receiver to my LG OLED TV.

These cables are simply fantastic. The construction quality is top notch, and they handle every format I have tried. 1080P, 4K HDR and 4K Dolby Vision. At least one review mentioned that 4K Dolby Vision didnt work, but my guess is that it was a hardware or setting issue on their end. I had to enable "enhanced" HDMI on my receiver, but once I did that, it worked flawlessly. I have half a mind to throw out every HDMI cable in my house, of which there are MANY, and simply start over with these. I have a drawer full of really expensive HDMI cables from about 5 years ago, and they dont hold a candle to these.